Remote Access

In response to the COVID-19 changes to working environments, the VCCCD IT Department is developing tools and guidance for remote work.  This page will be updated as new tools and instructions are created.

This page last updated: 6/16/2020

Remote Work Topics


How can I access my VCCCD email account from off-site?
You can access your work email from the MyVCCCD portal from any location and any device.

What is the best way to access VCCCD email from a mobile device?
Microsoft offers a free “Outlook” mobile application in the app store of your mobile device.  Install the Outlook app and sign in with your vcccd email and MyVCCCD password.


How can I edit and view my work documents from off-site?
03/21 @2:30pm: We recommend using SharePoint for departmental document sharing and collaboration.  See these instructions.

03/21 @2:30pm: OneDrive is best for individual to individual document sharing.  OneDrive video help resources:

03/25 @2:30pm:File Management using the Secure Portal and OneDrive: Video instructions.

Personal Devices and Computers

Can I use my personal computer to work from home?  What are the limitations?
Using the MyVCCCD portal, you can log into many services from home such as VCCCD Email, Banner Self Service, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams. Currently you will not be able to use some administrative applications like Banner Admin, OnBase and Argos reporting.

If you need to access administrative applications like Banner, OnBase and Argos, use the “Secure Portal” button in the MyVCCCD Portal. See the Administrative Applications section below for more information.

You should NEVER use any of these tools to download VCCCD documents or data to your personal computer or other device.

Telephone / Communications

How can staff make and receive phone calls from VCCCD laptops and computers?
Please use the Skype for Business application for phone calls on and off campus.  Skype for Business does not require VPN access.

How can staff make and receive phone calls from personal devices and computers?
03/23 @2:35pm: Skype for Business can be used on personal cell phones and tablets.  Download the app from your app store on the device and sign in with your VCCCD email address and MyVCCCD password. See instructional video for assistance.


What online tools can faculty use to collaborate with their students?
Check out this fantastic video library. Lots of information about Canvas and ConferZoom.

03/26 @4:45pm Protecting Zoom Meetings from Uninvited Guests

We’ve started to receive widespread reports of uninvited guests causing distractions and sharing explicit material in Zoom meetings. The default settings in Zoom are not sufficient enough to protect your classrooms from this behavior.

Here are a few suggestions that will prevent these events in the future:

  • Enable the “Waiting Room” Zoom setting
  • Avoid using your Personal Meeting ID to host public events
  • Change “Who can share?” settings to “Host Only”
  • Lock the meeting after all participants have joined

03/28 @8:00am Zoom has created a blog post and a video with ways to prevent these incidents.

Administrative Applications

How can I access VCCCD applications like Banner and OnBase remotely?
If you need to access administrative applications like Banner, OnBase and Argos, use the “Secure Portal” button in the MyVCCCD Portal.

03/24 @4:15pm Please Note: The secure portal requires an app installed on your smart phone for extra security. Instructions and a video are available to help you set this up and access the secure portal. 

I don’t have access to the secure portal – how do I request it?
If you do not have access to the secure portal, please have your supervisor submit a request here.

How can I use applications which are not available in the secure portal?
If there is an application which is critical to your job function and not available in the secure portal, please have your supervisor request it specifically using the Supervisor VCCCD Remote Access Request Form. Please Note: IT is working hard to make as many applications available as possible.

VPN / VCCCD Laptops

How can I request VPN access?
VPN access will continue to be limited by role and special cases. It is recommended you use the new “secure portal” for remote access (See section above).

If you still feel you require VPN access, please fill out the Supervisor VCCCD Remote Access Request Form and specify why VPN is needed.

How can I request a laptop and other equipment to be used from home?
Please contact your campus IT department for computer and equipment checkout. 

Software Protection for Personal Devices

How can I ensure my home devices are protected?
While we maintain our stance that VCCCD personal data should be restricted from personal devices, we recognize that some employees working from home will increase their workload from these systems. In an effort to help reduce the security risks, we encourage everyone to ensure protection software has been installed on home laptops and devices. Trend Micro has provided their consumer “Maximum Security” product free for the next six months, which can be retrieved here.

Adobe Creative Cloud

How do I access Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe Acrobat and other Adobe products) from home?
03/21 @10:30am: See instructions.

How do I edit PDF files?
06/16: Secure Desktop has two versions of the Adobe Acrobat software: 1) Acrobat Reader is the default PDF application within secure desktop. This is automatically used when clicking on a PDF document.  2) Full Acrobat PRO is the version that allows you to edit PDF documents.  To use this version, right-click with your mouse on the PDF document you wish to edit, then hover over the "Open with" link in the menu, then left-click with your mouse on the "Adobe Acrobat Pro DC" option. mouse right-click menu example
NOTE: you will be prompted to login to Adobe to use this version of the acrobat software.
See instructions