VC Instructor, Dr. Farzeen Nasri

photo of Farzeen Nasri, Ph.D

Ventura College professor Farzeen Nasri, Ph.D., is one of an elite group of sought-after global influencers affecting change in higher education. Internationally acclaimed, Nasri is an accomplished scholar of economics, politics, and global and international studies. He has taught in the Economics and Political Science Departments at Ventura College full-time since 1989 and his teaching career spans more than 35 years – having taught courses at universities and community colleges across the nation.

His most recent and profound endeavor, however, is collaborating with educators from the United States and abroad to create the graduate school of Global and International Studies at the University of Salamanca in Spain – one of its oldest universities at 800 years old. Nasri and fellow academicians developed three master’s programs:

  • Global Business and Negotiation;
  • Nationalism and Conflict Management; and
  • Science, Technology, and Innovation

Two of the required courses in each program are Political Economy of International Organizations and Theory and Practice in Globalization, graduate seminars taught by Nasri. He will be travelling to Spain to teach these courses during the fall 2017 semester.

For the past eight years, Farzeen has taken a group of nine to ten students to the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s annual awards dinner as part of his commitment to support the professional development of students. “His international experience including the recent work with the University of Salamanca provides Farzeen with a strong foundation to further engage and prepare Ventura College students for opportunities in international studies and globalization,” stated Ventura College President Greg Gillespie.

"Farzeen is truly an outstanding and gifted professor who is driven to giving his best to the students at Ventura College and beyond," said Ventura College Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences Gwendolyn Lewis Huddleston, Ed.D. "Students under his tutelage will be game changers and supporters of a successful world environment as they become the leaders of our communities here and around the world," she added.

The University of Salamanca is also in the final stages of creating an undergraduate global studies program. Nasri plans to serve as a resource to help Ventura College students with the admissions process, secure scholarships and financial aid and other tuition discounts. Accredited by the European Union, the University of Salamanca has parallel (articulation) agreements with universities in China, Argentina, Peru and the U.S. "We want Ventura College students to have an open mind and know they really can ‘Go here, then Go Anywhere’ in the world to continue their education and professional career," he concluded.

Nasri has introduced as many as 70 students over the years to world and national leaders such as the Da Lai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Jacque Cousteau, Walter Cronkite, Noam Chomsky and presidents and prime ministers. When Nasri is not teaching or travelling the world, he enjoys growing orchids and mountain biking. To view Nasri’s impressive bio and learn more about the Global and International Studies program at the University of Salamanca, please visit and